From 11.15 to 15.15 hours

At 11.15 am we sail from Maastricht down the Meuse downstream to reach the Zuid-Willemsvaart via the Bosscherveld lock. We follow this old canal from 1825 (it looks like a footpath in the forest) to be lifted 9 meters at the lock of Neerharen and repeat that again in the lock of Lanaken. Then we reach the large Albert Canal and see with admiration how the canal diggers have made their way through hills and marls. On both sides of the ship the walls sometimes rise 60 meters high out of the water. In the lock of Ternaaien we are pulled down another 15 meters to get back on the Meuse and so along the slopes of the St. Pietersberg on Maastricht to steer. Arrival in Maastricht is around 15.15 hours.

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