Terms and Conditions holiday apartment Diepstraat

Article 1

Terms and conditions and definitions

These general terms and conditions apply to the temporary lease between the landlord and tenant of the holiday apartment Diepstraat in the municipality of Eijsden-Margraten. Upon entering into the rental agreement, the tenant declares to have received the general terms and conditions and to agree with the contents thereof.

Tenant: the person who rents the holiday apartment from the landlord for a certain period of time and has paid the agreed rent to the landlord.

Vakantieappartement Diepstraat only accepts bookings from persons who are 18 years or older.

Landlord: Raymond and Marlie van der Burgt-Habets, owners of holiday apartment Diepstraat are the ones who rent the holiday apartment to the tenant.

Rental agreement: agreement between the tenant and the landlord with regard to the rent of a holiday apartment.

Rental price: price per overnight stay times the number of agreed overnight stays. The rent can be increased with costs and deposit.

Down payment: the part of the rent that the tenant owes to the landlord upon booking.

Deposit: amount that the tenant pays in advance to the owner for any costs, damage or loss for which the tenant is responsible.

Arrival and departure time: the times agreed between tenant and landlord.

Article 2

Realization lease agreement

The landlord informs the tenant about the rental object, prices and conditions that are important for the realization of the rental agreement. The rental agreement is concluded after the tenant has fully completed and sent the booking on the website of the landlord and after the confirmation of this has been sent to him by the landlord.

With the payment of a term of or the entire rent you confirm to have read the general rental conditions and agree to this. The rental ends automatically after the expiry of the agreed period.

Article 3

Payment conditions

Within five days after booking by the tenant, the deposit, as stated on the booking confirmation, must have been credited to the bank account specified by the landlord. If the deposit has not been credited to the landlord’s bank account within the specified period, the rental agreement is deemed not to have been realized.

The full rental price must be transferred to the account of the lessor no later than 21 days before the start of the rental of the holiday apartment. If this is not met, the right to rent of the holiday apartment will lapse, with due observance of the provisions of article 9.

Article 4


If costs are applicable in addition to the rent, this will be mentioned on the website of the lessor. The tenant will pay this in the same way as the rent.

Article 5


The landlord will charge a deposit to the tenant. The deposit must be transferred to the final payment (21 days before arrival) on the bank account specified to the tenant by the landlord. The deposit will be refunded to the bank account of the tenant after the agreed period of stay within a week if the deposit has been paid in advance. All this with deduction of any costs of damage caused, defects and / or loss or disproportionate consumption of energy. The possible deduction is reasonable and for assessment by the landlord.

Article 6

Obligations of the lessor

The landlord ensures that the holiday apartment is in well-groomed condition at the agreed time of arrival, with a good inventory in accordance with the description on the website and made available to the tenant in accordance with the booking confirmation.

Article 7

Obligations of the tenant

Upon arrival at the holiday apartment, the tenant is obliged to inspect the apartment for any unsafe situations. If, in the tenant’s opinion, there is an unsafe situation, he will immediately notify the lessor of this. The tenant will give the landlord a reasonable time to put the situation in order.

If, in the opinion of the tenant, the situation has not become sufficiently safe, the tenant will immediately notify the landlord of this.

The tenant ensures that there is no (noise) nuisance and that there is no nuisance for the neighbors.

It is not allowed to park in the Diepstraat on working days from 5 pm until 9 am the following day and all day on weekends.

The holiday apartment is situated in an upstairs apartment and comprises two floors. The apartment is not wheelchair accessible. The floors are accessible via stairs. There is no lift.

In the holiday apartment, accommodation is permitted up to a maximum of the number of persons agreed in writing with the lessor. Only the named persons mentioned by the tenant when booking are entitled to stay in the holiday apartment. If it turns out that there are more residents than agreed, the landlord has the right to deny the tenant access or charge € 50.00 per extra person per day.

Overnight of visitors is only allowed with the prior consent of the landlord and payment of an additional rent to be agreed. It is not allowed to allow people in the holiday apartment, other than the tenant and any persons or friends, acquaintances or family indicated by him. The tenant is responsible for all persons mentioned.

The holiday apartment is non-smoking. Smoking is allowed outside on the terrace.

No open fire may be used outside.

Bringing pets is not allowed.

Under / or forwarding is not allowed.

In case of violation of the above provisions, the lease agreement will be dissolved with immediate effect and access to the holiday apartment will be refused. The tenant remains the full rent. After termination of the agreement, the lessor is entitled to rent the rented property directly to another party.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to open closed rooms. When you leave the holiday apartment, even for a short time, the holiday apartment has to be completely closed. In the event of theft or loss as a result of non-compliance with this, the renter will be held liable for the entire damage.

In case of fire due to negligence, the tenant will be held liable for the damage.

Normal use of water and electricity is included in the rent. If it turns out that there is disproportionately high consumption, then costs will be incurred.

Article 8

Arrival in and departure from the holiday apartment

Arrival and departure take place on the arrival and departure dates mentioned in the booking confirmation. Arrival of the tenant from 15.00. Departure before 10.00.

Upon arrival, the tenant checks whether the holiday apartment and inventory are complete and undamaged. If something is damaged or missing, the tenant must report this to the landlord within 24 hours of arrival. He will do his utmost to repair or replace or supplement.

The expected time of departure must be communicated in time by the tenant to the landlord who inspects the apartment together with the tenant.

The holiday apartment is delivered cleanly and “broom clean” by the tenant after the end of the stay. Crockery with accessories is neatly placed back in the cupboards. Moved furniture must be put back in its original position. The refrigerator must be empty and clean.

Damage, defects or missing items must be reported directly to the lessor by the tenant.

Article 9

Termination or modification of the lease by the tenant

The tenant can not make any changes to a booking made other than after consultation with and approval of the landlord.

In the event of total or partial cancellation of the booking of the stay in the holiday apartment or termination of the lease by the tenant, no refund will be made of the rent within 21 days before arrival.

In the event of later employment or premature termination of the stay in the holiday apartment, the full rent will remain due.

Article 10

Termination or modification of the lease by the landlord

The landlord can terminate or change the rental agreement in the following cases:

if the tenant does not pay the rent (in time).
force majeure, war, strike, natural disaster, extraordinary weather conditions, fire, death of the landlord or their immediate family. All amounts paid by the tenant for unexpired overnight stays will be returned to the tenant within 30 days after termination.
Due to circumstances that are of such a nature that renting of the holiday apartment becomes impossible, such as: theft of inventory, vandalism to the holiday apartment and the unauthorized admission of persons, as described in article 7. If this is due to the tenant, paid amounts for not yet passed overnight stays will not be returned.
The landlord is not liable for any damage that the tenant suffers as a result of the termination of the contract.

Article 11

Responsabilité et loi

Le propriétaire n’accepte aucune responsabilité pour:

vol, perte ou dommage, de quelque nature que ce soit, au locataire pendant ou à la suite de la location et du séjour dans l’appartement de vacances loué et le terrain du propriétaire.
désactivation ou désactivation de l’équipement technique dans l’appartement de vacances, panne temporaire ou défauts dans la gestion de l’eau et / ou de l’énergie, travaux routiers et / ou de construction dans le voisinage de l’appartement de vacances.
dommages ou blessures résultant de l’utilisation de l’appartement de vacances, de l’inventaire inclus, ou d’accidents dans et autour de l’appartement de vacances.
Le locataire est responsable de toute perte et / ou des dommages à la propriété louée et son inventaire, que ce soit en raison d’actes ou omissions des partis ou locataire tiers qui sont autorisés par le locataire dans ou autour de l’appartement de vacances en location . En cas d’utilisation impropre ou de mauvais départ de l’appartement de vacances loué, les frais seront répercutés sur le locataire. Le bailleur s’efforcera de fournir des informations correctes au locataire, mais n’est pas responsable des inexactitudes imprévues et / ou de l’incomplétude des informations fournies.

La loi néerlandaise s’applique à tous les différends entre le locataire et le propriétaire.

Article 12


All complaints and detected defects relating to the use of the holiday apartment must be submitted immediately to the lessor by the tenant. The tenant will give the landlord sufficient opportunity and cooperation to remedy the complaint within a reasonable time.

If the complaint can not be satisfactorily resolved, then it must be submitted in writing and motivated by the tenant to the landlord. Complaints can be submitted to the holiday apartment no later than 30 days after the end of the stay.


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